Mod Podge Cure!

My life has many tattered pieces and all with jagged edges. This is what I have been given over the course of my life,and I never think of quitting when those pieces just don’t seem to add up, nor do I fall apart. Sure I cry– it’s a human emotion, and it helps to release what otherwise may be a strangle hold on me. Daily I battle an unseen foe, which has come to know my insides quite well and has made what I thought was a minor detail, or just a bump in my path, a rugged hill to climb.The tears fall again with heaviness as I reflect on where I wanted to be, and how I wanted to live. It was not the brightest hope for me in the beginning,no, it was hell. I had such a downward spiral going on inside my heart, and to tell someone of what I was experiencing was not a choice I wanted to make. Who could know what I was trying to handle? Who could give me something worth smiling for? So with all the self-pity I allowed myself to enter in,I knew I had to get it together;just try to piece together what it was that I allowed to become a beacon of fear, instead of a mountain conquered. This life,though different now,has salvageable prospects. So I  bought a brush called,”possibilities” and a canvass called “today” ;then gathered up every piece of those tattered and jagged edges of my life,opened my jar of Modpodge,after placing my scattered life and thoughts on the canvass of my being,and glued whatever piece I picked up onto every corner,and “I” began to see “ME”,and it was lovely! What was broken came together,and what was not recognizable became a vision of a woman all put together,and accepting of why,who, what,and where she is,been,and going! That foe may have come in silently,but I am exclaiming loudly,that i am here to stay! Modpodge, me, and my cure! I got to rise above this and move on. Life is preciously glued back together, and I live!


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