Journeying Through Muddled Thoughts

In back of my mind,I wish to walk into a children’s book already fully illustrated,and my name already made known in every household. My work of course! I want to make the pages of my mind come alive with colorful characters of every hue, and backgrounds of every culture. That would be nice. But in this moment it’s only a vision that has no legs to stand on. It has no written lines of interest,no plot, nor a face or places. I haven’t reached for a pen,pencil,or markers. I haven’t reached inwardly to my thoughts in order to manifest any idea. It’s there and ready to be penned,just don’t know when. I want to grab that little character and give it life,show its’ personality, even if its’ cynical and debauched. This is a slow and meticulous pace through my thoughts all because there are just too many muddled and fragment ideas that are floating around. If I would just stop the flow of words for just a minute,I may have that chance to make at least a name for what I want to do. Hmmmm, let’s see, was that one? Was that a breakthrough? No,and just when I thought that it was going to be a breeze; I lost it to an old piece of paper that blew off my desk, from the wind of the ceiling fan. Aha,there it goes,but first I’ll turn off the fan to keep it from undoing what I have sat here to do,..which has everything to do with unraveling my muddled thoughts,clearing the old to make anew and fresh,a story long overdue—as I journey through my muddled thoughts, I discovered that today is a fine day for a great breakthrough.I think it was the old piece of paper.and then again, maybe the ceiling had a clue!

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