{Unraveling},….World in chaotic drama[ Modge Podge unglued]

I am sickened at the turmoil that is constantly ravaging the thoughts, and actions of everyone. Is there no end to the madness of every evil purported,and perpetrated in daily living?  What has happened to morals,values,and just smart thinking? Daily the public is plummeted into someone’s dislikes,and destructive habits,and to no avail are made to accept what is wrong,rather than what is right. I am ranting,and venting here in my blogs because there is an unsavory element that’s out there , and which made to be the norm. I rant and rave at all the injustices that are made to look normal,when in the minds of those who struggle to maintain some similitude of knowledge of the value of life, and liberty,but is a liberty enslaved by belligerently debased leadership.  A liberty to utilize the freedom that was once a given in this country. But where is it? Where did it go? There isn’t but one cure for the modge podge of the world,..and that’s the creator’s will and ways. Objection to what is said is a natural response,so is agreement.  But whichever the response it will either help make sense of the madness and chaos, or attempt to deliver a demoralizing blow to the very rant I penned.

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