Need a Turnaround!

I am stuck,stomped,overwhelmed,and exhausted. If not the energy zapping,time sapping,motivation stealing of Lupus,M.C.T.D.,and Fibro,’s the drudgery of trying to find another venue to release my creative thoughts. In my mind I can accomplish whatever I need to accomplish in a day. But my body ticks to another tune. You probably don’t hear the screams from my body;but I can,’s LOUD! Typical Mornings: Some with pain,and some without. When without, I can draw a straight line,with maybe a curve or two. Heck, I may even had a thought that can last for a minute. Then I scramble to put it in my journal. Typical Days: I can cook now, I ate breakfast,and saw a moment of serious craftiness in these hands….I like it! Then there are those not so typical evenings into those uncertain nights!! Why do I say “uncertain?”Well because there ain’t no guarantee that I can be certain to have a good night. I need a turnaround.————I need that idea,and that line with those curves,to just get it together and give me a guaranteed focal point!!! Where is my turnaround? I know it’s there,but how do I stand and raise it to that other level? I want my books authored,and my illustrations, illustrated,……Energy be my best friend and push me beyond where I want to go. I need a turnaround.

My Mee! Loopie!

My Mee! Loopie!


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