Decoupaged Thoughts!

What I post here and now is from the heart of my thoughts. I want to tell you why I feel the need to allow my mind to contemplate what it does. I have very vivid thought patterns,and I make it a must when I have a grand idea. I don’t know if this a first for anyone else,but it’s a first for me. I was overwhelmed with what my mind brought to the forefront of my thoughts. I was about to make something unique,..uniquely mine,that is,and I wanted it on canvas. So I used the most vibrant red’s,the warmest orange’s,healing green’s,golden yellow’s,tad bits of blue,and black to create the background of what I was thinking next. My heart let me in on what I truly saw,and felt. It rode my brainwaves to no end. So after I stretched my canvass,lovingly over and around the edges of the pine wood frames,I then commenced to create vibrancy with my colors,and streaked it well. Of course my scissors wanted in on my thoughts,so I took some crafting paper of black,and allowed my mind to control my hands into crafting beautiful black silhouettes of African Maidens and Queens with my Fiskars. Just Beautiful! How elated I was to see what my mind saw,and bring it into fruition. Yes! But then my DECOUPAGE GLUE,(Mr. Hold it Together) got a little jealous,and I had to let him in on this piece,cause it was he who held what my vibrant colors,canvas,and scissors had produce,so I knew that without him I couldn’t produce anything! With respect and honor,I let him in,and he allow me to use,and be used by his contents which resided within his container. How credulous was my spirit when I pour his contents onto my work. It was kind of cloudy to start with,but in time with patience I began to see clearly what was pieced together,as if it were my soul being carefully held,and made a useful vessel for his strength,honor,and glory! (Mr.Hold It Together) That Decoupage gave what was just pieces of an idea,a whole new way to shine. And my swamp Sirens were born!

Swamp Siren" Louisiana style!

Swamp Siren” Louisiana style!

My New Pics 2015 020

Dancing in the darkness of the Bayou swamp lands!

Dancing in the darkness of the Bayou swamp lands!

My New Pics 2015 021


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