It’s 1:52a.m.,..and I’m Awake!

This is ludicrous,.. I am awake.  I am still awake! Maybe because it’s too darn hot to sleep,or maybe I am asleep,and sleep walking. Maybe I have too much on my mind,and whatever it is,known or unknown,it’s keeping me up! It’s now 1:58 a.m. Yesterday,I read some blogs,got some ideas for my artwork,got excited,then my daughter called me to tell me she’d been in a car wreck. Now my mind is experiencing a serious melee. Maybe I don’t know how to turn it off,and the known things are confessing what I feel,in silence. Then there’s the art thingy,that has me desiring to pick up that 6B pencil and sketch that don’t want to be known thing that is residing in my heart. But then I’d have to color it a very bright and beautiful color that would make me comfortable and sleepy. Yeah,ok,it’s 2 a.m.,but it’s okay,because I am okay with what I now know of what I had refused to know at 1:52 a.m.,..and that is that I need to to call it a night in this early morning! And by the way,my daughter’s fine,..a little hard-headed,but fine.Sleep is inevitable,so I will do my body this good deed, and…………sleep! Be well everyone.

When I Can't Sleep

When I Can’t Sleep


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