That Baggage Led To Broken-ess!

The ess-ence of her youth was lost in the empti-ness of every man she came across. And the productive-ness of what she could have given,became obscured and regretful. No matter how she ached from the lonli-ness, there was the refill,..the refill came in the form another empty soul;another succubus to take more than its share. She longed for together-ness,and comfort, and made use-less lies appear as truth. What she hadn’t noticed was the worth-less, meaning-less,trifling and seedy ways that she was manipulated into,and the need to control her mind, every time she left the door to heart unguarded. All that baggage led to the broken-ness she tried to hide. She didn’t realize that she was sewing into her spirit, a sick-ness that cannot be cured by hidden thread, from a yearning to be loved needle of denial. Her baggage,held by her,simply led to broken-ness!


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