What Makes My Colors,…My Art!

I can sit at this desk,in this tiny room,and make up a really vivid tale of why I love what I do. But that would be just inane! It wouldn’t take much to get me started, but I want to be truthful about the whole thing. To begin to color a page takes time and thought, just to get an idea  I may have had a month ago come to life. The materials are there, and all I have to do is sit, and get to scribbling. But if my scribbles are not in tune with the colors,.. that are in my thoughts then what I have to express would not come out exactly as I may have planned. And by then the frustration sets in,and the paper crumbled. So do I allow my art to determine the colors,or let the colors determine my art? Let me begin again,because there is creativity wanting to be released,and a masterpiece wrought. That Aha! moment and voila! An actual production of my inner self traced,drawn,and/or sketched on paper,or canvass. Nothing special or exclusive,but nice.Heck, it was just a circle with two eyes  a mouth,a little color! No real effort after such a start.Either way,it still has character,and lots of personality. And that’s what makes my art so colorful!

From here to Canvas,or Paper! An Idea is form,then drawn.

From here to Canvas,or Paper! An Idea is form,then drawn.


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