I’m Still Absorbing,..(A Learning Process)

I read something yesterday,that was written by a famous tennis player, Arthur Ashe. He said,” Start where you are,use what you have,and do what you can.” I was never so understanding of any famous quotes as I am of this one. “Why?It’s always because I wish to think that what I need to do,is get something more first,..do something more. When in fact,I have what I need to do whatever I choose. I choose to learn,and learn more about my possibilities,and if there are limitations,to challenge them. I have all that I need to get where I want to be,..I have knowledge of the very thing I love,..art! It may not have a degree behind it,nor has what I do been an easy journey,..but it’s my journey. My journey into the “woulds.” Would I be better off laying down my brushes and pens,my canvasses,my 6H pencils,and just be a procrastinator? No,..I wouldn’t. I would then become idle. Can I handle idleness,..possibly,but mostly because I am too stubborn to except anything less than doing what I want,and accomplishing a win,or battling a loss.One way or the other,I will start where I am,use what I have been blessed with,do what I humanly can,in order to get where I see positivity as my goal. All I know,is that I am still absorbing life,and all its’ rules,..it’s a learning process!


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