The Less Fortunate,..Is There a Solution?

Do we stay in a state of lethargy,hoping that what we have seen in the streets,alley’s,and gutters,during our walk or ride to work,all just disappear? Is there a thought of why this is a serious reality to date?

Every day there is another somebody thrown into the abysmal cesspool of a torn,and broken life going nowhere with sometimes,.. no return. I know that there are reasons that the life of that someone may have been well off,or okay. But to have that life changed at the stroke of a pen,whether a major player,at a major company,or telling someone to have a great day,while handing them their hot and salty fries,must be quite devastating. I personally haven’t experienced the box life,and having that box to lie down in at night. But I have been homeless, meaning I have lived among others,and felt the pang of not having what I needed to get ahead. The not knowing where to go,or what I was to do. And that was on me to get it right.I didn’t blame anyone for my situation.I had only me to get angry at,and blame my reasons for my lack,entirely on me. But what about the person who have not found his/her way back from despair? Do you see who they are on side the of the highways,and bi-ways? What do we know of their plight? And if we did know,would it make all the difference in whether or not they’re worthy of help? Are we angry at their state of consciousness or their way of obtaining assistance? If their state of consciousness, should we not suggest a more workable solution to their problem? Do they seek help, and the world turn its back on what may have been created by its system? I am not advocating any quick solution for what ails,because frankly I think there is one. But the reality of this is that the poor will always be here among us. There is always a quick solution to an age old problem,but that would not create any sensible reasons to overlook what is here to stay. Funding,and aide may be in sight,but how could it be profitable to take a man’s daunted soul,and promise wealth and health,when he has seen nothing but doom. He eats,and sleeps in a state of no tomorrow. These programs are non sustaining and worse than crack cocaine. Give them a little,and send them back where they were, that cesspool of abyss!If there is a solution,then it must be years in the making.

I hope that I have not angered anyone,because it wasn’t my intention. And I don’t believe that everyone who seeks this aide is,or is not able to get on his/her feet. What I am speaking of,is that there is no real solution for the unfortunate. Those whose minds have been twisted because of loss on every turn.So when, we walk,or ride past the less fortunate daily,and some of us wish that it wasn’t what we see, let’s remember that it is real. The struggle is real. That quick fix idea to give a hand out, which didn’t come as a gift,but more of a handicap to an otherwise healthy minded man or woman whose dreams were crushed,is not aa help to them at all. No one wants to live as a dependent of whatever is thrown their way,and told to do better. All want better,but better won’t be if priorities are not in order. I ask,..Is there a solution, “do-able,and workable” to get a despairing mind back to working,and  out

Sufferings of a Great Nation?


of that box in the abyss? After all,..we all are one paycheck and a box away from poverty,and becoming the “less  fortunate.”


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