“Where Am I Today?”

There’s clutter in my path today,and it’s welcomed!

      This morning,..this wonderful morning, and I am at my make shift desk,in the corner of my room doing what’s natural. Praise went up,and what I was to face got under control. Some may see clutter,but it’s organized. It is what I do,and it makes sense.

My post should probably be on the way the world just spins on its’ imaginary axis, and how men cannot get it right to save their lives. But that’s not in here.There should be a post about business, and art,and the latest crisis. But again, that’s not in here. Maybe that’s important at some level,..and maybe not. But that’s not in here either.

I could sit and write some clever one liner,and look for response, but no,..hmmm, that’s not what I will put here. What I will address here is the clutter in my life. I have clutter that should be discarded; yet I don’t feel the need to do so. Here’s why,…….when I look at the place where I sit, I see my life in all I do. I see my dreams, and hopes in every picture, word, and every drawing or sketch. I see abundance, and a slow waltz. A dance  unending with me,my colors,and paper images. I see what I should, and shouldn’t do. What I need to begin, and what I need to finish.

There’s a calendar of appointments,and birthdays. There are paint brushes, and sculpting tools. Wow, I wonder if the Creator has this too?

“I see my life in my clutter, it’s my love,and that’s where I am today!!”

Be 1,….be @PEACE!!!


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Brightly Colored and Established!

“In the darkest of days, I am able to pull from the springs of self-worth, and deny the doors of oppression to flourish. In this busy world,where business takes place whether I am aware or not,it just wouldn’t account for the multiple times that I have found that center needed to get me over or around any obstacle placed in my lane of opportunity. I desire opportunity,and it’s headiness. It makes for stronger adversities and a more determined heart. The heart of whatever I choose it to be. I am a business,and it’s my business to seek that upper rung on that ladder of success. If with just a pencil,and a thought I would still want to give the best ideas a chance to be born. The corners of my life are not always brightly colored,but at least I know that there are too many colors in my box of crayons to not want to know how each one would give me the best shades,lines,or possibility of another way to make what my darkest days want to erase. Even my eraser have to ask to make a suggestion! Getting established is not just a futuristic idea,it’s an inevitable reality!  And so I am.

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An Accomplished Day!..( Full Surrender)


Strong has the day been for me. A vital key to my understanding of where I am to be was the pivotal point in a conversation today.So strong was my connection;so strong was the tug to be better,and do better was the ultimate insight to where I have arrived. I see the path of which the Creator has set before me,and only he can give the direction I am to take,in such strong detail. See, it’s crystal clear as of to my position,..my Lord wants me to be that checkmate on the chessboard of life. I am His pawn in full surrender, and willingness to comply, and abide where He needs me to be. Daily I desire His strength, that I stand with resolve,under any pressure that those arrows of disdain may be directed at me. I am unmovable in His instructions,and it has to be that way. Life gives me chaos and melee all day,and my Father calls into order that compilation of madness,to give me solace. I have had an uplifting colloquy with a god sent soul today, and there was strength in each word passed. I had an accomplished day,and that was refreshingly ordered!

BARRELS: What’s The Use?(How People,Places,Sites,and Other Things Don’t Make me,..Me!) Oct 17, 2015


“Empty vessels don’t last!” (barrels of nothingness)—-What once held water so tightly, now has leaks, and eventually will lose all.”

Not all barrels are able to withstand pressure. My barrels held water,but it wasn’t from my doing. It was of something I saw, was impressed over, and kept in my barrel. Wasn’t tested for any toxicity, pH level,etc.,I just coveted what I thought I could use as a formidable foundation in order to evaluate who I was. So I let that water flow where it would eventually take the form of my barrel. Water can be formless,until it enters its stolen domain. It stole my domain,and carved another identity. Was that me?


“In my barrel there was an “elusive” change taking place. I felt it, and desired to re-route it,but that water felt good. It made me think I was gliding towards what was intended for me,..just for me. What I had latched onto was some very uncommon growth of a bacteria I’d like to call, being useful, and like-able for whomever needed to flush their barrels clean. I gave way to some refractive errors of not focusing on the who are what I allowed to use my own barrel to bathe in,and leave their dirty water for me to clean up. Blinded by dust storms, and droughts. How long does this have to go on? Where was I?

IDEA: “Bigger Barrels?”

“I’ll need bigger barrels,that way I can be me,and let them be the water to guide me!” Huh? How is that being me? How is carrying someone else’s dirty water,being me?

That is so out of order! Why would I try to handle someone’s  flow of water in whatever state their in,..other than myself,,..and whatever places that they are in,is not what my barrels are for. Yes, I went from barrel to barrels,because as I write I start to realize that there are too many barrels that I have managed to take on, and that I am not even on the dock where I should be. So to think I need bigger barrels,or more barrels is ridiculous. This place where I am waiting to reinvent myself is unfamiliar,and I put myself here.

SOLUTION: “Realization”

I have been true to everyone but myself. In fact I have lied to myself on many occasions, in thinking that I can handle my barrels if I allowed people,places, sites,sounds,and situations to make me,..me. Re-inventing,and re-evaluating was a must. But not without guidance. I am talking about guidance from my Creator. There shouldn’t be barrels filled with all things unusable, and uselessness, of another person,pace or thing’s making. Those barrels of toxic matter cannot be my destiny. And I have let all but one barrel be removed from my path. The only one needed is the one that I am glad to have filled with life sustaining,life-giving,path sorting,continual flowing,spiritually thirst-quenching, identity replacing water,which will never bend me out of order. So now I can truly say that I would be full, and filled,and never again a carrier of anything not my own flow!!!