Viewing LinkedIn!

“You attract the right things when you have a sense of who you are!”

                             ~ TheVibrantMind~

I borrowed this quote, because it speaks volumes to me personally as of to who I am. For years I put me and what I wanted to do on the back-burner, in order to raise my children. and that’s in another article I published here on LinkedIn. There has never been a moment where I can seriously say, that “I can’t” unless it was due to an illness. If it interests me, “I do it!” If it’s a challenge, “I want it!” if it’s too much to chew, I have learned to “cut smaller pieces.” A lesson taken from the bull-head attributes that I didn’t know how to hone in a proper way. It wasn’t with thought that I would set out to do something, was because of selfishness, that I thought I needed it. my children taught me a lesson in futility. Lol! Patience, was something I never had,so I grasped the road-runner of my desire, only to find that I went nowhere fast. Now I asked myself, why? Now I know why I couldn’t see the end as I needed to. I wanted  fast,faster,the fastest! I wanted notoriety for not seeking anyone’s help, or advice. I wanted stardom,without the work! With no questions asked. But that’s not reality. Where do I get off thinking that a few colored pencils, a sketch pad, and a made up name, would put me where “I” thought I should be? I didn’t know life went on without me. Huh. Then as I grew in education(whether in a classroom, or life), I saw a better way to channel what I wanted to be the outcome of where I wanted to be. I joined groups, and saw experience at it’s best. I learned to be zealous in a positive way, and abased in a modest way. I lived to be at that next place, in order that I keep afloat that which was mine. I now have my websites,my webpages, my blogs,my connections that matter,and a source of unending resources,..and I now know people I hadn’t known before. Some I may never meet in my lifetime, but glad to have gotten at least a connection to another way of doing, seeing,and thinking! This came about when I learned of “” I viewed this site, but it’s not a first for me. Remember what was stated earlier, I thought about things. And to me LinkedIn wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted “fame” for being the young woman out of her country neighborhood,and to have gone from poster drawing for the neighbors, to saying I had been on the internet! Poor me. And now, I am back on LinkedIn with a humbleness that exceeds my zeal. Where a “no” gives me courage, and hurts less. Where challenges are met with maturity, and optimism. And those smaller pieces are swallowed one day at a time. Not everyone or everything is meant to be in my presence,and that’s okay. But what I do have,and what I have gotten from where I have been, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have viewed LinkedIn again,not out of shallowness,but because of who I have become… and I stayed.


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