An Accomplished Day!..( Full Surrender)

Strong has the day been for me. A vital key to my understanding of where I am to be was the pivotal point in a conversation today.So strong was my connection;so strong was the tug to be better,and do better was the ultimate insight to where I have arrived. I see the path of which the Creator has set before me,and only he can give the direction I am to take,in such strong detail. See, it’s crystal clear as of to my position, Lord wants me to be that checkmate on the chessboard of life. I am His pawn in full surrender, and willingness to comply, and abide where He needs me to be. Daily I desire His strength, that I stand with resolve,under any pressure that those arrows of disdain may be directed at me. I am unmovable in His instructions,and it has to be that way. Life gives me chaos and melee all day,and my Father calls into order that compilation of madness,to give me solace. I have had an uplifting colloquy with a god sent soul today, and there was strength in each word passed. I had an accomplished day,and that was refreshingly ordered!


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