Brightly Colored and Established!

“In the darkest of days, I am able to pull from the springs of self-worth, and deny the doors of oppression to flourish. In this busy world,where business takes place whether I am aware or not,it just wouldn’t account for the multiple times that I have found that center needed to get me over or around any obstacle placed in my lane of opportunity. I desire opportunity,and it’s headiness. It makes for stronger adversities and a more determined heart. The heart of whatever I choose it to be. I am a business,and it’s my business to seek that upper rung on that ladder of success. If with just a pencil,and a thought I would still want to give the best ideas a chance to be born. The corners of my life are not always brightly colored,but at least I know that there are too many colors in my box of crayons to not want to know how each one would give me the best shades,lines,or possibility of another way to make what my darkest days want to erase. Even my eraser have to ask to make a suggestion! Getting established is not just a futuristic idea,it’s an inevitable reality!  And so I am.


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