“Where Am I Today?”

There’s clutter in my path today,and it’s welcomed!

      This morning,..this wonderful morning, and I am at my make shift desk,in the corner of my room doing what’s natural. Praise went up,and what I was to face got under control. Some may see clutter,but it’s organized. It is what I do,and it makes sense.

My post should probably be on the way the world just spins on its’ imaginary axis, and how men cannot get it right to save their lives. But that’s not in here.There should be a post about business, and art,and the latest crisis. But again, that’s not in here. Maybe that’s important at some level,..and maybe not. But that’s not in here either.

I could sit and write some clever one liner,and look for response, but no,..hmmm, that’s not what I will put here. What I will address here is the clutter in my life. I have clutter that should be discarded; yet I don’t feel the need to do so. Here’s why,…….when I look at the place where I sit, I see my life in all I do. I see my dreams, and hopes in every picture, word, and every drawing or sketch. I see abundance, and a slow waltz. A dance  unending with me,my colors,and paper images. I see what I should, and shouldn’t do. What I need to begin, and what I need to finish.

There’s a calendar of appointments,and birthdays. There are paint brushes, and sculpting tools. Wow, I wonder if the Creator has this too?

“I see my life in my clutter, it’s my love,and that’s where I am today!!”

Be 1,….be @PEACE!!!



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