To Post, or Not to Post!

To Post,or Not to Post,…

This is a very big world,and half of us have either traveled it all over,or haven’t got a clue as of where to go. I think this is the case of this forum called LinkedIn. There is news buzzing almost daily,and some get it,and some don’t. It’s okay I guess to make light of news,it’s anyone’s choice. And it’s anyone’s choice to be offended at what’s posted. I see post that may cause some to cringe,and others to laugh.Thinking it to be just a bit of levity in a world of mundane antics, or are they really mundane? I have read where someone asked if this forum was Facebook? Hmm,..sometimes it seems that way,but shouldn’t there be a reason for the post that are posted? Could it be to make an otherwise connected chatter a  little less stoic? There are times when chatter between the like-minded connects with the less serious natured and gain insight on how to be a little less rigid. And then there are times when the seriousness of the world brings all under the dome of reality. I just wonder what is to be posted, and what is not necessary to be announced. and that may need to be a decision made by executive pens, and addressed where needed. I personally wouldn’t want this forum to be just another spin-off of any social media,where the control panels are obsolete. Then again, as I stated earlier,in so many words, levity makes an otherwise stagnate atmosphere breathable. I guess that there needs to be stricter guideline as of what to post, or not to post. And what would that benefit, and for whom? That big blue marble is full of strict rules, loose rules,no rules, and either we laugh or we crack up. If there is a forum for the elite,then maybe they take life to seriously.

I believe that there is a bevy of bloggers, entreprenuers, bankers,truck drivers,doctors,lawyers,and cashiers to go around. And they may meet up right here on this forum.The biggest thing we all have in common ,is that we all have a post to write. We all share this marble, and we all have to sleep in it one day or another. So,….laugh about it,laugh at it,or don’t,’s up to you: To post, or Not to Post,…that is the option!

Be Well;Be @PEACE!



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