Distraction as an Extraction

Distraction as an Extraction,…

Too much is enough,and in this world it should be noted, and well received. But there is a distraction that is extracting the very essence of our souls,and casting it into a lulled state of security. Are we safe,..are we so secured in our journeys,and soiree’s that we have become careless to care,..and too reluctant to share? Days are winding, and rewinding in order to give one more day to get it right. But the mind of the public today is claiming no prisoners, and wanting to see past the woes of everyday pangs.Frivolity amiss! These days what we were once used to is quickly passing. And,….It’s days where you’re unable to tell where one begins,and another starts. Time on today,is time on tomorrow,only it goes so quickly until you think you’ve done what you set out to do the day before,on the day after. I hope that makes sense. In totality I see waste as the norm,and greed the common ground for those who think the next few seconds are their own. God forbid!

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