No New Year, just Another Year

Jan.1,2016,…is this a brand new year,or just another year? Another year,in a long stretch of can I get it right,or why I should get it right? What does it mean to get it right in the walk that is yours alone? Especially if you keep forgetting to leave that baggage of the former year at the curb. New Year’s resolution. Let’s see:(Resolution)-the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc. : the act of resolving something. What has actually been resolved? Have you move to another state? Do you have another job? Is it a better one than the last one,that you said last year,that it was the best job. Has that move from one state to another,made a profound difference? Or are you seeking something familiar in a different setting? A setting or surrounding that’s different in smell, vision,and reality. But it’s another year, or is it a new year? What makes it new? Was it just created, or have you created something resolved and unique? I am truly curious when we tell each other,”Happy New Year” because in all honesty it isn’t a new year,’s just another year to stop making yourself miserable by promising the to be something you have not been, throughout every year that comes in. It’s another year,and it’s another minute in our lives to see what is functional, and use it. To see what’s meaningful, and get results. To experience a change in the way life is seen, and how it’s dealt out to every class or creed of people. It’s another year to brace ourselves for the conundrums of imbeciles in suits. This is a whole other year, and it has no space for procrastination of the mind. Happy New Year, maybe that’s just a way to keep an old problem or problems at bay in our minds, in order to step forward without fear. And this must be reek havoc on our hearts, when in the end that “Happy New Year” becomes just another year accustomed not, to anything new, but everything familiar! From the head office to the fry order cook, it’s another “new” year,and that depends entirely on a great resolution,without reservation! Do we have one?


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