Glassy Slippers

What do I see in  today’s idea of politics,nominees,and sitters?(Sitter’s),..What do I mean by sitter’s?  I mean old fogies holding seats,and making nothing new or sensible. What I see is untold lies and deceit. What I see is that nothing changes at the core;yet the surface is ever evolving into more and more of a glossed over servitude, by those who hold on to what doesn’t make sense. Nothing’s concrete anymore,and will change for the worse. So how do we view these guardians? How do we, as a people of servitude, see those we trusted to lead? Everyday a banana peel lies near to the door of their consciences,and they are seconds away from upsetting the balance of what is ,and has been the natural flow of the earth,and its’ inhabitants. I will tell you what I see,..I see the feet of those who are out for themselves, and their closets full of shiny shoes,polished over to hide the scuff marks of the days tirade. I see glassy slippers in a closet full of  stagnated thoughts, and boasted lies. Minutes away from falling down to never rise again. These slippers wear the floors of great places down to a trail never to be trodden by new ideas,and  formidable men. Slippers never stand,. they slide. And we are their floor.


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