Challenging My Limits!

Today I am tired. Today I heard more bad news;sad bad news. It’s always about a murder of innocence, while the perpetrator (A perpetrator is often a suspect until it has been proven that he or she carried out the offense. The word usually describes someone who’s committed a crime, but any wrongdoing will do.) seems to get away with the crime of the year. My heart is so sad over all this. At what point does it end? How come our minds have to be seared with the dumb decisions many often carry out as an excuse for their momentary conditions? I say momentary,because it is just that. If you are down,and weary,it won’t last long. We all have our roads to travel,and our burdens to bear. But do we commit atrocities just because we feel slighted? I beg to differ. So I challenged myself today,to put a limit upon what I want my mind to absorb, unless I am prepared to do something about a situation,or state of mind that I am in. And I will challenge my limits on what I take ,and return to the ensuing public. In other words,I won’t take anything from anywhere unless I can manage to give it back,that someone somewhere my benefit without causing another a loss. And I am just speaking.


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