Finding Me!!!


From here to Canvas An Idea is form,then drawn.

It’s a busy world out there, and I often wonder where I am actually standing in this lightning speed of life. Why do I persist in walking in a lane where the bright lights are? i think the answer to that is in how I make a sound every now and then in hopes that I will have a piece of art to sell,or give away. Or a blog that i may have followers to. I think that,that’s my reason for standing and facing those headlights. The only problem has been that I get caught up in the lanes,and I cannot give a reason for the attention I seek in the light of dangerous speed. This is when the other lanes with back lights flashing red,seems most viable. But can they see me? Yes,I believe they could,if they are used to using their rear view mirrors. But by that time they would have already passed me up. That could have been a sell but instead,another missed opportunity. This is where learning comes in,and I learn to stand in the middle on the median,and where my worth with pride.I have to find myself in what I say I am. I am an Artist/Children’s books Illustrator,and.. I need the traffic in order to sell what I do.

IMG_20160516_233146Artwork by Mendy! []


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