Blogging FM!

What I am Fighting,and fighting for is Fibromyalgia!

Everyone seem to have a blog site these days,and from what I am seeing,the majority is about Fibromyalgia, and its affects. Well, I have also placed my coins in this hat for the simple reason that having FM,doesn’t stop you from living. And yes there are times when you feel like you want to give up,and just call it quits. But “don’t!” cause life don’t stop where those medications begins. There is a whole lot of life worth living. Just take those reigns of the ride that seem to just have no end to the ride,and every once in a while,YANK them,and slow down the tide. It’s okay to do so! I am fighting mentally,physically,and emotionally to stay the ride that FM has cause my life to become. It’s my wish to bring what little attention,and hopefully on a grand scale,to this “thing.” Stick with me and help me obtain this goal.


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