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Today I read a young lady’s blog on how she was made to look as if she’d copied and pasted someone else’s work,when really it was her own. I think that this is so unfair to her. But this is what happens when your race is made a reason to give you less than what you deserve.The unfair practices of this world is making the lives of young people such as herself,and being Latino,which is hung around her neck and made to choke her because she is Latino.

The audacity to create an atmosphere where those who are not of a race deemed superior,has caused not only emotional damage,but mental challenges as well,which is in itself unfair.

There’s no time to play the race card when it comes to education. i say give them a chance,and stop allowing these so-called instructors demean what is apparently keen minds.


A Little Drama Corrects Prideful Thinking.

“I just had to pen this for the sake of prideful thinking which border-lined a haughty fall.” What haughty fall might this be? One that I never asked the Lord to correct in me. I was… Source: A Lit…

Source: A Little Drama Corrects Prideful Thinking.

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What A Surprise,..

Jeremiah 33:6~”Behold,I will bring it health and cure,and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth.

     I have been quite secure and happy within myself in such a way that I became oblivious to anything that could possibly hinder my health or otherwise. What a surprise it was to have heard some very startling news from a new doctor,and an all new medical staff. This was not the case like was before when I’d go to the doctor,get random exams,and filled prescriptions.

The Medicaid that I fought so hard to get had come and I was blessed to have this. It came just when God decided to allow me to have access. I realized at that moment, that God definitely worked out all things in His time,and glory. And this was going to make the difference in what was to come next.

The surprise that was hidden and came out when I had to have a colonoscopy,and what a surprise it was! I knew that there was something up. I hadn’t felt anything before having the colonoscopy,so there was no traces of anything wrong. ..in my COLON. I was okay as far as I knew. BUT that’s not what that COLONOSCOPY showed! What made matters worst, is that I had this nutty looking,and ACTING gastroenterologist who right off the bat,who gave me a “death” decree. I hate him for that.

What physician causes such a stir in their patients then when there is no emotion,then get so undone when that patient does not respond? I thought to myself that I was dealing with such a kook. He even admitted to the fact that he had no idea of what he was looking at. Go figure.He basically made an assumption to what he could not call;yet he adamantly give me a doomed report!

This what I have to say on the matter.“I have left all of this troublesome news with my Lord.”He tells me that is “no weapon formed against me,that shall prosper”and that’s my story,and I’m sticking to it!”In James 5:15,it says,”And the prayer of faith shall save the sick,and the Lord shall save the sick,and the Lord shall raise him up;and if he have committed sins,they shall be forgiven him.

What else do I know about my Lord’s promises,is that Isaiah 53:5 says: “But he [was] WOUNDED for our transgressions [he was] BRUISED for our iniquities:the chastisement of our peace [was] upon Him;and with His STRIPES [I] we are healed.”

Take it away Jeremiah: JEREMIAH 17:14 says: “HEAL ME,oh LORD,and I shall be HEALED; save me,and I shall be SAVED: for thou [art] my praise.”

*And with these I shall not be afraid of the arrows that fly me,or whimper at the agitations that come against me,for I know who my redeemer is,so I am not dismayed.For my God is My Rock,and My strength;and HE will help Me;yea,He will uphold me with right hand.”