The Medical view!

30To say something on this issue would probably bring about some strong resentment towards me by those in the medical field. I am not knocking the men and women who are out there in this profession,no. But what I want to understand is why the system is so screwed up. When I think of doctors,and nurses,and I know they do what they can,but when I look at how the medical world is run,I get angry. Why is it that there are better ways to cure a disease,but no one wants to take a step away from the $$$$$ that has seem to make more sense than the cure?

Every herb and plant has been given to us to utilize,and get healthy and stay healthy. But there is a system out there that would rather tell you that they haven’t been tested,and for you to not go out there to find that plant or plants that has been put there by the creator to help you out. This is sad too. There are millions of people on this earth that has some sort of malady,or sickness that’s been said to have no cure for. That to me is a lie. If you want to get better trust the chemicals that we sell to get you better. Yet there will be so many side affects with the medication until you would actually get even sicker,and would have to take more pills to alleviate what the first fifty pills caused. That’s just ridiculous!

God made every green herb and leaves from trees to be our medicine. Why do we depend upon something synthetic as to something natural? Why say that marijuana itself is not any good to smoke,yet they made it medical(?) now,and it’s okay now? the dandelion plant is great for many things,buy I bet you that it will become another ,”Don’t take this unless you ask your doctor, type of stupidity”when in reality your doctor’s would rather you take what he or she prescribes!”

What a horrible circle of nonsense to feed the public. Do they not think that there are some who will see these commercials for what they are? How could you not HEAR what the side affects of these medicines can do to you? Listen for a change to these commercials,and determine for yourselves what rhetoric is deems vital to the public.

I realize that doctor’s and nurses talk that insane oath to do what they do in the medical field,and that secrecy that they swear to in order to do their jobs,and stay hired on just for going silent. That means to me,that event though they are skilled to help, but not skilled enough to reject being a hypocrite.

There is money to be made,and I,like many others are guinea pigs ready for slaughter. This is what makes me angry. I am angry over greed ,and not even enough backbone to say the hell away with some oath,and just get people better. Yes,I am angry over the need to play this mind game on those unsuspecting patients just because the money makes much more sense than the cure.

Yes, I am angry. I have cancer,and they have the cure! Yes I am angry! But God has me in His hands,and what they do not want to give to me and others like me, God will miraculously give,and in turn give me a testimony, of being healed, to give to the medical world,as far as my health. …And that’s my view!











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  1. Melindee, Be encouraged in your struggles. Jesus offers you peace in the midst of the storm and can calm it too. And what will it all matter a hundred years from now? To depart and be with Christ is FAR BETTER. A hundred years from now none of us will be here (unless it is the thousand year reign of Christ mentioned in the book of Revelation). Every single one of us will die. Don’t take this present life too seriously. Jesus didn’t. He taught us to repent of our sins and to obey his commands, and we would be ready to enter eternity. Jesus set the example when his beautiful, perfect body was tortured and murdered at 33 years of age, so young! He sent over 200 million disciples to die as martyrs in the past 2,000 years. More are dying as martyrs every single day, and most of them are in perfect health! So trust in the Lord and wait patiently for him. Concentrate on how loved you are and preparing yourself to meet the Lord. Whether now or 60 years from now. Leave it in his hands. Bathe in his peace and joy will be yours. You are loved!


  2. Hi,…
    I am entirely outraged daily by the things that are said and dond,and I stay in prayer at all times. I expressed this because I just felt that my soul needed to vent,and vent it did. I am ever for the cause,and effect of what I say