“In Touch?”

How in touch are we when it comes to communicating with each other? I see the world as falling further and further apart from foundational beliefs,and spiritual growth to spiritual failure,and no leg to stand on. There is an unrest in this world,and it will not get better,no matter the ‘promises’ made by the new president elect,nor the government. There is a reason for all that has been taking place around us,but do we see how far down we have gone? Morals are no longer a standard,and living has become harder unless you bend to what society deems a better way of living and /or doing things. How in touch are we? We have all but built mental underground shelters where we have decided to retreated to become non spiritual shells of denial. There is no feeling of responsibility to family and life. There is no concern about how we have lost control of our homes,and important decisions that make our homes more readily prepared for the onslaught of the camaraderie that world has unleashed on everyone. Being out of touch with the Living God has become the choice of those who feel as if what they do is can and will be overlooked by God. Wrong has become right,and right has become wrong! It is now,where they cannot discern the difference. How out of touch are we with the Lord? With Life? With ourselves? Just think about it….How,…..

….”In TOUCH,are we?”


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