Colon Cancer and Me..☻

Colon surgery (colectomy or hemicolectomy)

Procedure or Surgery

Well, my doctor (Oncologist) really has had patience with me through the first stages of this, and he has been a rock. I told him that I trust him, but mostly that I trusted God more. I found him to be pleasant in mannerisms and wanted him to do my surgery. Needlessly to say, I didn’t trust the gastroenterologist( who referred me to my now oncologists), because he scared the wits out of me. I didn’t like the way he came at me with what he had found. He was the one who gave the diagnoses, in which his approach left me with scars in the mind. I was asked the question as of to whom I wanted to do my surgery, and I was giving two choices. It was my second choice that led me to the best oncologist as far as I am concerned. The surgery went well, and it’s something that I ‘ll never forget. The nursing staff was the best yet.


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