What Limits?

Limiting your footsteps only to one way streets will lead you to dead end alleys! It does not matter the length of your journey be it long or short. Where you place your steps is what matters. We should try to walk circumspectly at all times. And when the next day approaches your feet should be well rooted and grounded for the trial of that moment. Then you can ask yourself,” What limits?”

Too Old?

Whomever feels that someone is too old to restart their minds, apparently haven’t looked close enough to see that age does not stop anyone from achieving their goals. So how does “age doesn’t matter” fit when it comes to dating a younger person when you are older,or old enough to be their mother or father?  And if you desire to return to school it becomes taboo? Lol! I have tossed that theory around so much until I gave up trying to make sense of it all. I say,and I definitely spea25C903C5-F1CA-43C0-A17C-BFB51FE1EB1B.jpeg