A Little Drama Corrects Prideful Thinking.

   “I just had to pen this for the sake of prideful thinking which border-lined a haughty fall.” What haughty fall might this be? One that I never asked the Lord to correct in me. I was thinking at one point that I was praying as I should. But was I believing? “Was I just acting the part of a true warrior for God,or pretending that I could get what I wanted without believing that God could save me,and foolishly thinking it’s okay to just go day to day without praying for His guidance?”

“I have been having such dramatic experiences lately. The biggest one is when I discovered that I had colon cancer. “WHAT A BUMMER!” That’s the little drama I was talking about. I call it a little drama because it started off as something so small,and unseen,into something unusually aggravating.” That little drama corrected my prideful thinking in ways only God himself can understand and correct.” It definitely set me on a more wiser and humble path.” This drama starring me,the mass,and God can only turn out to be more profitable for me to just TRUST God’s will ,than my crazy thinking it’s okay to just want God to do without me being in faith about it.” Prideful thinking cannot have it’s way. So I chose to submit,and not commit to the drama at hand! It works better without me in the way of God’s healing powers.”