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I am posting this to draw attention to my website. Go check it out. I have begun to live and give myself time to be in a place of achievement. I want to to use my abilities to make a difference. My life has changed and I can say for the better and this makes it better for me to help, give, and share. I tried to bring it all together on one page, or website. In this way I wouldn’t have to have interested and potential clients scrambling to find me, and what I do. I am there with information galore, which will include a form to sign up for artwork to be done, art classes that will be coming soon, and personalized art pieces for special clients. I also do referrals for first-time authors, who need to find a publisher, and  illustrations of fun characters for potential clients. Give me a call! 504-327-3118,leave me a message and I will be sure to return your call with gratitude.



[Excerpted..]From,”Something More“Excavating Your Authentic Self. Great book by Sarah Ban Breathnach.( pg.224 2nd para.), where this beautiful expression comes from in John O’Donohue’s, Anam Cara.

The House of Belonging is an ancient Celtic metaphor for the human body as the earthly home for the soul; it is also used to describe the deep peace and feeling of safety, joy, and contentment found in intimate soul friend relationships. “When you learn to love and to let yourself be loved, you come home to the hearth of your own spirit. You are warm and sheltered. You are completely at one in the house of your own longing and belonging.”

Further reading from the book, says that In building the House of Belonging is the soul’s commitment to living a passionate life; your Authentic Self is the architect.”Can’t nothing make your life work if you ain’t the architect.”(Terry McMillan)” Well, I wouldn’t go that far to say that. But I would say that that credit belongs not to me. But that is another matter that I won’t discuss in this post.

The timbers with which (I) you build your(my) House of Belonging are your choices; courage is the foundation stone; patience; perseverance, and permission are your (my) bricks; FAITH is the mortar.

This is the struggle. This is where I struggle. I have the faith to boot, but the patience is nowhere. Those rooms that I need to visit in my House of Belongings are not fully explored. I need to know why. For in those rooms, I may find that lostness, and be able to dispose of it. I don’t need it for one. What is desired is to be for me is there when I allow God to unclog and de-clutter my life.

What I want is within reach, and cancer and nothing else will stop me from gaining the ground that has been set before me to conquer. I am in my house, and I am in these rooms like yesterday.

Be Well.Be@PEACE!

July 12th,…(Chemo;Remission)


I have been in remission from cancer,andwell,..I want to say that the Lord is very merciful,and full of love. He has been with me,and walked with me throughout this whole ordeal. So how can I not give Him a super “Raise in Praise!”

“Thank you Jesus!”

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Hi to everyone who has decided to come and visit my site. I don’t come here and write as I would like to, and that’s because of the treatment that I am getting. [Chemo]. I am tired most of the time, but if I can help someone else live to their fullest then that would be the greatest reward of all.

I see that I have at least ten followers,..thank you guys for stopping in, and taking time out to read what thoughts emanate from my brain. Lol!

I want you all to know that I will try to post the rest of my journey on here. I believe that I have almost crossed the last bridge to healing. My stats are looking great by the minute. And that’s more than I can say thank you God for. And I do thank Him daily. For He has been my Guiding light, my Rock, my anchor. He has been healing me since before I found out that I had cancer, and He continues to do so, so that I may tell it to you all, or anyone willing to hear of my recovery. He has a work done in me that I had to witness about. My CEA levels were at 510, and now down to 23! Yes, I praise Him, and I honor Him,andI love Him, for He is my Lord, and my King, my Redeemer!!!!!!!

I’m Back!

God believes in Me because He knows what’s in me. He doesn’t just see me;he sees me as that person He intended to me to be.He sees my soul and it’s humanness could be seen. Yet He loves me that much to bring me back from the sting of death.

So I talk with GOD..                                                     “Something good has made what

….and No breathe is lost.                                       the enemy aimed to make the worst.

I walk with God…                                                     But I have survived and thrived the

…No strength was lost.                                           brunt of a storm that attempted to 

I wait in the Lord…                                                  strand me on the shores of hopeless-

…No time is lost.                                                        ness. Jesus has taken control of my

I trust in the Lord…                                                 walk, and that storm has been put to

…I will never be lost.                                                rest. The enemy still determines to

undermoine my faith. But God’s got