Hi to everyone who has decided to come and visit my site. I don’t come here and write as I would like to, and that’s because of the treatment that I am getting. [Chemo]. I am tired most of the time, but if I can help someone else live to their fullest then that would be the greatest reward of all.

I see that I have at least ten followers,..thank you guys for stopping in, and taking time out to read what thoughts emanate from my brain. Lol!

I want you all to know that I will try to post the rest of my journey on here. I believe that I have almost crossed the last bridge to healing. My stats are looking great by the minute. And that’s more than I can say thank you God for. And I do thank Him daily. For He has been my Guiding light, my Rock, my anchor. He has been healing me since before I found out that I had cancer, and He continues to do so, so that I may tell it to you all, or anyone willing to hear of my recovery. He has a work done in me that I had to witness about. My CEA levels were at 510, and now down to 23! Yes, I praise Him, and I honor Him,andI love Him, for He is my Lord, and my King, my Redeemer!!!!!!!


I’m Back!

God believes in Me because He knows what’s in me. He doesn’t just see me;he sees me as that person He intended to me to be.He sees my soul and it’s humanness could be seen. Yet He loves me that much to bring me back from the sting of death.

So I talk with GOD..                                                     “Something good has made what

….and No breathe is lost.                                       the enemy aimed to make the worst.

I walk with God…                                                     But I have survived and thrived the

…No strength was lost.                                           brunt of a storm that attempted to 

I wait in the Lord…                                                  strand me on the shores of hopeless-

…No time is lost.                                                        ness. Jesus has taken control of my

I trust in the Lord…                                                 walk, and that storm has been put to

…I will never be lost.                                                rest. The enemy still determines to

undermoine my faith. But God’s got


My Real Story

(This was first written on the 10th of November in 2016.)

    I’ve been through a lot in the last couple of months. For one,lastyear was when I was diagnosed with colon cancer in September on the 23rd to be exact. I was given the diagnoses of malignant neoplasm a could be lethal type of cancer ,and it wore me down for a while. Lord I had topray,and pray hardwith total belief. What in the world was I to do with what I was feeling? When did this come about,and why?What was I to do?

 I was thinking of the worse case scenario, and was likely to either give up,orkeep the faith. The same faith that would’ve cost me my freedom was being challenged by Satan  himself. When we allow the words of the enemy to take charge of our thoughts instead of God, we cause ourselves much grief .So I knew I couldn’t do that. I knew I couldn’t waste my trust in God to doubt. Doubt that Satan was attempting to try to cause me to feel.I am so much stronger and wiser than that. So much more rooted in My Lord God, and I do not desire to do a great disservice to receive his blessings,than doubt that it was Him who has spared me,and given me a second chance. I

I needed to be prayed up when this cancer came,aswell as being grateful when it went into remission. I am prayed up that it is really,really gone.Jesus tells me to trust Him in all things,because He knows the plans He has for me,he declares the Lord plans to prosper me and not harm me,plans to give me hope,and a future. (Read Jer. 29:11).

I am here for a reason. God has me here for His reason. Obedient and subservient I must be to Him.

“Poetically Praising…

I am personally praising my God. He is the infallible one, who cannot lose. His mercy is for those of whom His favor choose, to give His love to and to protect, as long as we receive His blesses and bless Him with respect. Let our love for Him be known, and His love is shown in our lives, and to our Father who gives us life. He deserves a raise in our praise!

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Refined By Time,..

I have been refined and refresh by time,and there is no going backward. Whatever my plot in life, I attend to do what I am told by the Spirit. I am refreshed,refinned,rally tuned in to who I am,whatI am,and  Where I am going. Only then does my Father heaven heed my calls.

Hello February,…

Today is the first day of February, and I am still in a state of limbo about this disease. I awake every day, grateful, of course, and yet I still want this all to go away. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I woke up and it’s still there.

After years of study done in these laboratories, and data gathered, you would think that Cancer would have been eradicated fron the earth. Yet, there is still a high rate of death because of this disease, and seemingly, no end in sight. So what about what matters? Daily there are more and more reports of people dying, than there are stories of actual success at triumphing through this thing.

What do you do when you know that there are cures, and they are kept private for those who have the means to pay for their cure? You may think that I am being a conspiracy theorist or something to that affect, but that’s not the case here. I am simply focusing on what I believe that apparently all men are not created equal in the eyes of men. The game of life ensues, as each pawn is moved around or depraved of what is necessary to function as they should in their every day lives. And treated with lesser care and interests as their vessels start to decay. I don’t know understand why this has to be,but I also refuse to succumb or serrender to what shouldn’t be. This disease ravishes to the very bone marrow, and less insight is made upon the agony of knowing that there may or may not be a way to beat this thing, and to have to walk away with your head held up high, with shredded dignity, or none at all. I say Lord, stop this madness that has become the worst nightmare with no end for some, and generously bless those who have come away with victory! ♠